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  • Results - Zero Friction Time Trial R3 - 3 Jan 2021

    The biggest question in the car park this morning was by how much Chris Harper (Norwood) would break the course record. Conditions were near perfect, overcast, a little humid with a light southerly and only a slight chance of getting pooped on by a Corella, so little surprise that the course record and a number of PBs fell.

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  • South Australia CX Championships - Day 1

    Day one of the split-round SA State CX Champs was held on the 16th August in 'Not the Circus' in the western Adelaide Park Lands.  With state gongs for J19, U23, Elite and all Masters Categories on offer (including the 'baby masters' age category, 'Expert') the field was stacked across many age groups creating some big fields in wave-starts, despite a number of juniors away racing their State ITT champs up at Mypolonga. 

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  • Crossfire Cup Race 1 2020

    Port Adelaide CC held its second cyclo-cross race for Winter 2020 and with the Covid-19 restrictions easing, the small but enthusiastic crowd, heckles, and the Trott Park BBQ were back and in force at the Adelaide Superdrome and Forester's Forest Grounds.

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  • CXtwiLITE Results February 2020

    After a long cyclo-cross hiatus we had a 'cross event uninterrupted by extreme weather or apocalyptic bushfire smoke, and we returned to the ever-changing John E Brown Park in North Adelaide.  What was a mudfest for us in September was a delightfully changing dusty short course with myriad different corner grips and geometry that took advantage of some of the park's mulchy, grassy and dusty features.  There were some spectacular starts and finishes across all grades with over 100 riders enjoying mild but sunny conditions.  

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  • Zero Friction Time Trial #2

    Weather Observations @ 7:30am

    Temperature: 15.8 (Feels like 14.2), Humidity 69% (Recorded at Kent Town)

    Wind:  13km/h NE, Wind Gusts: 17km/h (Recorded at Outer Harbor)

    Fine, clear conditions

    Race Results here 

    Unfortunately due to a rider crashing on the course yesterday, many people's races were affected.  Thanks to the riders who stopped immediately after the crash and rendered assistance to the riders involved. Some riders were stopped to avoid further riders riding past the crash site, once emergency services vehicles were called and/or were in attendance.  All riders who started yesterday's race behind Rider #29 are therefore shown in the results as 'Not Placed (NP), as are riders who stopped to assist.

    Age adjusted results are being wrangled and will be available at: 

    For the purposes of the Zero Fiction TT Series, the best 3 of 4 rounds (must ride at 3 rounds) will count towards the Zero Friction Cycling series prizes.  Riders who starting yesterday's event but awarded a 'Not Placed' due to the race crash will still have that ride count towards the series, your % race average will be taken on your other rounds completed (eg best two or three as appropriate).

    Thanks to the many people who showed concern to the injured rider, Kat Chung-Orr yesterday and asking after her today.  She did suffer a lower body fracture and we and the Chung-Orr family thank everyone for their kind concern.

    PACC (and SAPOL) reminds all riders it’s the law in South Australia that riders/drivers are required to travel at 25km/h when riding through an emergency service speed zone. 

    The 25km/h Emergency Service Speed Zone applies on an area of road:

    • In the immediate vicinity of an emergency service vehicle that has stopped on the road and is displaying a flashing blue or red light; or
    • Between two sets of flashing blue or red lights that have been placed by an emergency worker at either end of a length of road on which an emergency vehicle has stopped.
    • It does not apply if you are driving on a road that is divided by a median strip and the emergency service speed zone is on the other side of the road beyond the median strip.

    Example 1: Driver slowing to a safe speed (no greater than 25km/h) when passing an emergency services vehicle displaying red and blue flashing lights that is straddling a dividing strip.


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