PACC's complete range of club cycling clothing is made by Seight Sports.  

Online shop now OPEN. note Password:  portadelaide

Thank you to PACC member Madeleine Steele for providing this fresh new historic design! A historic symbol of the port. This is an abstraction of the ship masts from the port that once was.

Our product range will allow members to wear the club kit in all cycling disciplines, including an off-road jersey option too!

If you need something else that is not listed, all garments can be ordered for you, including skinsuits, speedsuits, vests, long sleeve jerseys, arm/knee/leg warmers, jackets, undershirts etc. You name it you can order it! See size charts here and below.

Current and former Australian and World Champions, in any age category and discipline can also special order kit with the 'Champions Stripes' added. Please contact Seight Sports directly for your custom order, do not purchase via the online shop.

Please email [email protected] if you have a request for an item. Or visit our Facebook Group - PACC Kit - Buy/Swap/Sell

The club purchased a small amount of additional kit in the recent online order, in case anyone needed anything before waiting for the next bulk online order (likely to be early next year).
Please email the [email protected] if you would like to purchase something and we will be in contact to arrange payment and delivery.

The following is available (as at 11/03):

Women's Kit
1 x Medium Women's Sport Jersey (Race Cut) - $88
2 x Medium and 2 x Large Women's Elite Jersey (Race Cut) - $120
1 x Small Women's Elite Pro Jersey (Race cut) - $155
1 x Medium and 1 x Large Women's Elite Knicks $150

Men's Kit
1 x Medium Men's Sport Jersey (Club Cut) - $88
1 x Large Men's Elite Jersey (Race Cut) - $120
1 x Large Men's Pro Jersey (Race Cut) - $155
1 x Medium Men's Club knicks - $110
1 x Medium Men's Pro Knicks - $188
2 x Medium and 1 large Men's Long Sleeve Downhill/MTB Jersey $78
1 x Medium Supersuit - $270

Children's Kit

1 x each of XS, S, M, L Children's Sport Jersey (Club Cut) - $50
1 x each of XS, S, M, L Children's Long Sleeve Downhill/MTB Jersey - $50


Sizing - Women's Club Cut Jersey

Sizing - Women's MTB Jersey

Sizing - Men's MTB Jersey