This Strategic Plan provides the Port Adelaide Cycling Club with clear strategic and initiatives to be working towards over the next three years. It outlines the vision and mission and what is important to the Club and its members. It will be supported by an Action Plan that will assign responsibility for achieving the objectives to individuals, or where agreed by the Committee, to a sub-committee.

Our Plan is categorised into six key pillars of Governance; Club Development; Competition and Events; Communication and IT; Volunteer Development and Coordination; and Sport Development, although many of the objectives and measures could sit in a number of areas.

It is designed to keep the Committee focussed on the areas that are considered vital for the development of our Club. The Port Adelaide Cycling Club recognises that there needs to be an emphasis on supporting Club Coaches, volunteers and committees to build a strong Club. The Committee is looking forward to implementing this strategic plan with the support of its members and other key stakeholders.

The Strategic Plan can be downloaded  here

An Action Plan is being created and will be posted here when complete.


  • Develop a strong Committee supported by volunteers who understand their roles and responsibilities within the Club.
  • Provide members with clear information on Club processes and how it operates.
  • Effectively manage the operation of the Club to ensure financial security and viability.
  • Effectively manage the utilisation of the Hanson Reserve Club Rooms.

Club Development

  • Implement measures to ensure greater communication and engagement with members.
  • Implement a program to support Club Coaches in their development to support emerging athletes to achieve success.
  • Provide pathways for recreational riders to progress to competitive racers.
  • Establishment of Social Calendar for members.

Competition and Events

  • Ensure full utilisation of Hanson Reserve Velodrome once available for use.
  • Exploration of new venues for existing races.
  • Establishment of Club Championships.
  • Explore new options for racing and engaging membership.

Communication and IT

  • Update and review the website so that it provides accurate and timely information to all members, stakeholders and the cycling community.
  • Provide cycling specific information to members and riders.
  • Become a Club of choice for sponsors
  • Provision of a better Race Day experience for riders and spectators
  • Promote the Club with a variety of branded merchandise.

Volunteer Development and Coordination

  • Regularly recognise the achievements and successes of our volunteers
  • Develop volunteers to ensure a participation pathway can be implemented.
  • Trained and knowledgeable volunteers available at all events
  • Retention of existing and encouraging new volunteers to assist the Club

Sport Development

  • Junior Athlete Development
  • Development of Coaches to ensure they are engaged and their skills are available to, and utilised by members.
  • Ensure that Commissaires are engaged, informed and actively involved in events.
  • Recognise and utilise Club champions and role models to inspire athletes, Coaches and Commissaires.