Port Adelaide Cycling Club is a volunteer run organisation that provides its members with racing, recreation and developmental pathway opportunities in an inclusive and enjoyable environment.


Develop strong relationships with:

  • club members;
  • volunteers;
  • communities and sponsors; and
  • other clubs and associations

through open and transparent communication.


Diversity is paramount and we aim to provide opportunities for people of all ages, abilities and disciplines that encourage participation and skill development.


Ensure member enjoyment by:

  • educating members in all aspects of the sport;
  • developing our officials to run safe events;
  • providing accredited coaches who are accessible to members; and
  • providing opportunities for participation.

Integrity and Respect

We treat everyone with respect and act with integrity. Through our actions we earn the respect of others.


We promote a fun and positive attitude to wellbeing while fostering an enjoyable social atmosphere.


We provide pathways to competitive cycling, in a club recognised for its success and strong-spirited ethos.

The Mission Statement can be downloaded here