Gritty City Critty finally was treated to some summer-type weather with dust, rather than water ingress testing out the club's timing equipment this week. Skids all round!

For those new to PACC's racing - Welcome! We hope you had fun. Please come back next week. That timing tag you were allocated means you're treated to live race lap timing, full results linked below.  Please bring the same tag to all our club races, whether you're testing out your legs at our summer Zero Friction Time Trials or racing next week's Gritty City Critty or our Xmas Xross - the tag is linked to you permanently.

Photos from the evening are available from James Raison @rideadelaide. Give him a mention and/or flick him a donation as he takes some great shots!  Or do as one proud PACC Mum did and purchase yourself a massive canvas print.... "this is going straight to the pool room".

You can find this week's race results here:

Enter the remaining races of the year at  - we're back at the same venue for the Gritty City Critty finale next week with a few tweaks to the course - and don't forget our actual, proper, legit, closed-street criterium with shock! left AND right hand corners straight past Pirate Life Brewing at next week's Dockside Criterium - incorporating the junior and Elite State Championships - and crown some new club champs! 

If you enjoyed Gritty City Critty you'll love Xmas Xross at our clubrooms at Hanson Reserve including an all-in Treasurer's Treasure $ handicap held under lights to finish the night!

Some more Junior Stoke to tide you over till next week!

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