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  • The Battle of Hoth - Seight Sprint Wars July 19

    Loosely known as ‘The Battle of Hoth’, a special one-off Seight Sports Sprint Wars was run by PACC at the Superdrome on Sunday afternoon. With the addition of quite a few top-notch visitors from interstate and some ‘local’ HPU riders, the field was set to commence the attack/defence of Echo Base, leaving Admiral Ozzel dead on the floor of the Executor and Han Solo struggling to get the Millennium Falcon ready for the evacuation…but I digress…

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  • Hanson Reserve goes HUGE

    Hanson Reserve is back in regular use with PACC and Kilkenny CC jointly running two training sessions per week at the outdoor velodrome, under lights. The canteen is open, and the training is extremely popular with 55 riders the highest number recorded to date!

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  • Motorpace Thursdays - Hanson Reserve

    Motor Pacing is currently on hold due to resurfacing works at Hanson Reserve.  We hope to be back in August / September 2021!Motor Pacing at Hanson Reserve Velodrome on Thursday nights … more

  • Track Training

    Track Training

    General Track - Tuesday nights, weekly, Hanson Reserve.

    Motorpace Night - Thursday nights, weekly. Click here for details.

    Sessions are cancelled if the track gets too … more

  • Hanson Reserve Velodrome 8 April

    The City of Port Adelaide Enfield has provided us with a Hanson Reserve Velodrome restoration completion date of 8 April 2019, with training and racing to recommence there at ASAP. As of yesterday (Monday 18 March) the track's safety fence plinth pour had commenced and will be completed at a rate of about 40m per day. This extends the track's grade right to the barrier fence, which will be fine (25mm) chainmesh, with track-side and spectator-side safety rails similar to the SuperDrome.

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  • Results - Seight Sprint Wars

    Last night the final round of Seight Sports Sprint Wars was run at the Adelaide Superdrome. With the Superdrome closing for a few months, it was a final opportunity for riders to get some valuable track time and there was nearly a full field of 32 riders lining up for their flying 200m qualifying, with some U17 riders boosting the Elite entries.

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  • Results - Seight Junior Sprint Wars

    There was some cracking Junior sprinting at the Superdrome last night during the running of PACC's Seight Sports Sprint Wars. The conditions were perfect for some great qualifying times, with most Juniors beating and in some cases absolutely smashing their 200m times from Junior States.

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