Motor Pacing at Hanson Reserve Velodrome on Thursday nights is designed for you to get in some safe training in at a pace and effort level that suits you - from the beginner to the fastest and most experienced riders. Do as little or as much riding across the night as you want. Challenge yourself while training in a relaxed and supportive environment with Port Adelaide CC. Road Bikes and Track Bikes may be used, but will strictly be kept separate while on the track. If you are new we expect you get there before 6:30pm for instructions.  If you are a regular, feel free to turn up when it suits you.

Whether you are starting out, getting back into it or preparing for a specific event everyone on the night is encouraged to support and pass on their tips to those who may benefit from them.

The night is divided into several blocks and is designed for people to be able to turn up when it suits them, and do as little or as much as they like:

  • 6:30pm-7pm. Two Motorcycles will be on track, pacing on the stayers line. Two Port Adelaide motos will be half a lap apart, one for road bikes only, the other for track bikes only.  Ensure you know which moto is which before joining in, check by looking at other bikes as dependng on the pacer they may prefer one scooter over another. The pace will gradually rise from 30 to 33kmh, with riders to do one-lap turns behind the Moto. Efforts* for each group are taken approx every 10 laps as indicated by a honker (do there is a horn every 5 laps, be sure you only do an effort for your group), 
  • 7:10~8:15pm – Moto will gradually increase speed from 33kmh to ~37kmh, efforts* every 10 laps alternately between bikes.
  • 8:15pm-? Bikes will drop down to the pole line and gradually to increase speed till no riders are left. Road riders please leave the track when you're done.
  • ?-8:30 Track bikes warm-down. Lights out on track by 8:30pm

 * NOTE If it's really cold, the motor pacers need more frequent breaks to warm up!

Things you need to know about Motorpace Sessions

You're expected to know and understand the local track etiquette. You should understand the track markings. Read all of the below and then watch the video for some more pointers.

MEMBERSHIP: All riders must have a current AusCycling membership (Race or Lifestyle).

SIGNING ON: Pre-register online for the correct day/session. Bring proof of membership with you as we may need to check it. If you are unsure about anything, please ask a coach or official before getting on the track.

JOINING IN: To join your bunch, enter the track at the gate, stay very high riding right up on the fence, and use the banking to join the back of your group.

RIDING BEHIND THE BIKE: In Motorpacing, the aim is to stay as one long single-file group and smoothly rotate turns. We will be pacing on the Stayers Line. Don’t ride two abreast. Don’t overtake the rider in front of you, unless he/she swings off. If you need to drop out, don’t let a gap develop, as the rider behind you will struggle to close the gap and the group will fracture. To prevent a gap developing, put in one last effort to pull your wheelman up to the wheel in front, and then swing out of the group to the high side (if safe to do so – remember to check over your shoulder, indicate with an elbow ‘flick’, then gently move upwards). You can then slowly circulate on the fence until you can exit the track, or you can drop back in the end of the bunch if you have caught your breath and want to go again. Don't circulate on the fence longer than needed to get on or off your bunch, exit the track for a rest and food/drink.

SWAPPING TURNS: The motorbike will pace on the Stayers Line. Swap turns every lap behind the bike, don’t hog the best spot, share the love! Due to prevailing wind, it is usually easier to swap off in the back straight and using Turn 3. If you are the rider behind the motorbike, existing turn 2 and before the pursuit line, have a look up over your right shoulder to make sure no one is coming past (they shouldn’t be, but you never know) and if clear, slowly move about one meter to the right, and using the downwards slope of the track gently accelerate so you are riding two abreast, right next to the motor bike. This helps drag the second rider to the back of the motorbike and provides them with extra shelter.  Then when alongside the motorbike, check over your shoulder again, check forwards along the fence line, and then gently swing up towards the fence, roll along the fence line, and timing it well use the track’s slope to swing down to rejoin the back of the line. Remember - whenever you change position on the track, look behind before moving first.

EFFORTS (if offered): At designated laps, your bike’s group will have an opportunity to sprint away from the bike. Efforts/fast stuff happens on the Pole Line. When the whistle goes make a decision then (or some time shortly thereafter) to look over your left shoulder to ensure you’re not going to chop someone off, and gently drop down to the Pole Line and do your effort. Go on your own, or work with others on the Pole line, remembering when swapping turns to be very careful to stay under the Stayers line and the other bikes/motos. When you are done with your effort, carefully check over your shoulder that there’s no one coming from behind, then move to the stayers line then to the fence line, and re-join your motor group from the higher part of the track. You can try to take a lap on the motorbike, but the track is long! (404.48m) If in doubt - stay on the Pole line and let others overtake you, then when the coast is clear, move up to the fence again.

SOCIAL BUTTERFLIES: You're welcome to leave the track to have a chat to a mate! But while on the track, please keep to single file pacelines, and if having a rest by the fence, single file and stay high until to either exit the track for that chat, or you swing down to get back on the paceline. Provide constructive help or enouragement to others while on the track to make the training safer and more enjoyable for everyone - no rider knows everything!