At the recent Cycling SA Special General Meeting on 13 November 2019, Port Adelaide CC was one of the many South Aussie clubs that voted "yes" to the AusCycling Proposal under Cycling SA. The vote was 11-1 in favour, each club present held one vote. We were one of the first clubs (if not the first) to declare our support for AusCycling two months earlier - read our club position here - so we're thrilled with this outcome. BMXSA's clubs also voted yes on 9th November.

Now it is our MTBA members' turn to cast their vote! Each MTBA member in the country has one vote each, no matter their age or membership type. You have one week left to vote. Your vote must be received by MTBA 11am AEST Thursday 28 November 2019 so it can be accepted for the 30 November meeting. 

It's simple for you to cast your vote - just print out this form, fill it in and sign it by hand (signature must not be electronic - an unsigned form of a form with an electronic signature will be deemed ineligible).

The simplest way to vote "yes" is to appoint the Chair as your Proxy (write 'Chair' in the first long box), then tick the next box only.  Or, read the whole form carefully and fill in boxes against Resolutions as you see fit.

Get the form back to MTBA by one of the following options:

  • Scan it (or take a good photo) and email to [email protected] ; or 
  • Post to PO Box 377, Varsity Lakes QLD 4227 (hurry! It must be received by 11am AEST 28 November 2019) 

We encourage all our members to make your vote count - have your say! PACC encourages you to vote in favour of AusCycling. Every vote counts, so have your say on the future of cycling in Australia - lets get it done!

For some more information:

  1. MTBA- Open letter to MTBA members
  2. MTBA- Summary of implications from a YES or NO vote
  3. MTBA- Explanation Notices of Auscycling special resolution
  4. MTBA – Voting form

Visit the AusCycling website for more information on the proposal including the FAQ.

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