Port Adelaide Cycling Club supports AusCycling proposal

Port Adelaide Cycling Club is one of the oldest in the country, established in 1885, and was one of the founding clubs of the State Sporting Organisation (SSO) that is now known as Cycling SA (CSA) and by default, the National Sporting Organisation (NSO) being Cycling Australia (CA).

In 2013, to be able to hold more affordable events, accredit more coaches and commissaires, and offer cheaper and trial memberships we also directly affiliated with Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA) - another NSO.  This was significant contributor to the growth of cyclo-cross in this state and our successful Junior Dirt Skills sessions.

Currently, when an individual joins Port Adelaide CC, they can choose to join us via Cycling SA/CA or MTBA, or both. We currently have 233 Cycling SA affiliated members, and 110 MTBA members in our club. Being affiliated with both organisations means we offer what can only be described as a confusing array of membership options. We know we have members also in BMX, other CA and MTBA clubs and other cycle-sport and recreational cycling organisations.

The three (BMXA, CA, MTBA) NSOs responsible for the management of cycling in Australia consulted with their SSOs and, in the case of MTBA (which does not have 'States'), key members of the mountain bike community, to develop a new model for the mamagement of cycling in Australia - this model was called 'One Cycling' (now AusCycling).  Port Adelaide CC was one of the organisations invited by MTBA to help shape the new model. 

Both Cycling SA and MTBA have been incredibly transparent and provided extensive opportunity for our club to be involved in the consultation process over the last nine months including:

  • Presidents and Chairs Meeting during the January 2019 Tour Down Under
  • Two national workshops (one MTBA, one all-disciplines)
  • Presentation of One Cycling materials at the 2019 Cycling SA AGM
  • Feedback at the SA Clubs' Forums
  • AusCycling Adelaide 'road show' (16 PACC members attended, watch the presentation below)

PACC has attended each and every one of these meetings this year to contribute to the model presented. The committee notes the extensive work over a great period of time by the three NSO’s now looking to form AusCycling.

With all the information presented to the club's committee, Port Adelaide CC issues this statement of support to the AusCycling proposal which will be voted upon later this year. We believe unification is in the interests of the sport moving into the future as it will:

  • Simplify and reduce the cost of licencing by providing one membership for all disciplines
  • Gain efficiencies and perspectives to grow the sport of cycling in a changing sporting landscape
  • Resolve emerging issues with insurance coverage increasing costs to members
  • Gain economies of scale for sponsorship, lobbying and buying power within a larger and more diverse membership base
  • Support us as a grassroots club to better deliver our training sessions and events
  • Provide more freedom to do more with less red tape
  • Do better in all three NSO’s strive to do - Get more people on bikes!

AusCycling will be a completely new company represented by all three disciplines (Road/Track, MTB, BMX) equally. Port Adelaide CC would become a member club of AusCycling and be a direct 'owner'.

Cycling SA-affiliated clubs will be asked to vote upon this AusCycling proposal at an Extraordinary Meeting in November 2019. PACC holds one vote of 16 in the state and our intention is to vote yes. For the SA vote to wind up CSA to be successful, it will require 75% in favour.

All our MTBA individual members will be invited to vote as direct members of MTBA, to wind up MTBA. One member = one vote. The invitation to vote will be sent to individual members directly via MTBA.

We encourage all of our members and supporters to thoroughly read the FAQ's and other information at http://auscycling.com.au/ to fully inform yourself of the potential and risks of the proposal.

If you have any questions of your committee, just ask!

Yours in cycling, PACC Committee

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Given the information I have read and what I've observed in the industry, this appears to be a logical step towards improving our collective cycling sports in Australia. Great to see the PACC Committee get behind this.

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