Round 3 of the 2018-19 Zero Friction Cycling Time Trial Series was held this morning with 52 riders taking to the course, including 8 juniors from the second start line at Harrold Street.  A steady breeze kept the temperature down, and the mosquitos active.

There were a number of new riders setting their benchmark times on the course, and some seasoned riders who fell victim to some road debris and did not finish. The impact of this on the Age Adjusted results and series standings will be interesting!

Check out the results and age adjusted results at:

Photo - Hannah Seeliger takes to the course.  Credit Mrs Zero Friction Cycling

Weather observations at Outer Harbor 7:30am:

Rainfall - 0

Temperature - 14 (feels like 12)

Wind Speed - 11km/h NNW

Relative Humidity - 75


Thank you for another smoothly-run and enjoyable* event! (*actually 'enjoying' time-trials is a matter of opinion - most seemed pretty happy by the time we reached the cafe!) Conditions felt tougher this month, with heavy/thick air...or maybe I was just slow!?! Regardless, I'm looking forward to the last one - thanks!

Hey Craig - we try to remember to put temperature, wind speed and direction on the results page so you can look back and compare conditions between races - maybe we need to add barometric pressure ;)

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