With the imminent return of Hanson Reserve Velodrome for the clubs' use there is some excitng news, but we need help on all fronts!

Port Adelaide CC and Kilkenny CC are proud to announce that that clubs rooms at Hanson Reserve are jointly ours! In a historic agreement between the two clubs, we are leasing the facility directly from the City of Port Adelaide Enfield. We're excited to have a place we can jointly call 'home', tying in with the return of the Velodrome for community use. We expect the track to be ready and back in action by the end of this month and as soon as it returns we will have evening sessions suitable for all riders including people new to track, people on road bikes, as well as seasoned track riders on track bikes. To make all this happen we will rely on volunteer effort. In the short term, we are looking to run motorpacing with two motorbikes on Tuesday evenings (with road bikes and track bikes riding behind separate bikes) and Track-bike specific skills and training sessions Thursdays.

We are calling for volunteers to tidy up the club rooms, and registrations of interest from coaches and motor pacers to make best use of the track!

WORKING BEE - Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th February 

Please help us bring the club rooms into the 21st Century and be fit for purpose. Doesn't really matter whether you like cleaning, painting, wrecking or organising, we have got a job for you! Roll up at 8:30am either or both days to help for a morning and we will put lunch on every day to feed the busy bees. Can YOU help? See here for more details. If you haven't been to the club rooms before - they include a large area suitable for indoor training, floor work and meetings, a kitchen/bar/servery, a first aid room, and fully equipped and separate mens and womens showers, separate mens and womens toilets, and a storage room for equipment.


Are you a current (or lapsed) Road & Track Skills Coach, Level 0 or higher (or equivalent level lapsed accreditation eg Austcycle, or Skills Coach)? Or a MTBA or BMXA Skills Instructor or Coach looking to branch into a new discipline?  We want to hear from you. As a minimum, PACC and KCC are looking to run at least two evenings of track training sessions from Day 1 - and in accordance with our Strategic Plan we are looking at ways to develop our Club Coaches and provide opportunities for people to run well structured, planned sessions. By volunteering just one weeknight evening per month the club can help you on your coaching journey, and you can help riders improve. We aim to have the session outlines set in advance to make it easy for coaches to concentrate on delivering fun and valuable sessions, instead of stressing on the planning.  If you want to help set the plans - pipe up too! A roster of many coaches will spread the load, and allow riders to learn skills and tactics from a variety of experiences.  If your accreditation is lapsed, or from another discipline, the club will assist you in renewing it or acheiving 'recognition of prior learning'.  Email to express your interest or ring Gemma on 0413707925 for more information.


Having an accessible velodrome means we can run awesome motorpaced sessions, safely. Whether you're an enduro looking to rack up hard and fast K's, or a sprinter looking to go overspeed - motorpacing is essential. But that means we need pacers! In the longer term we plan to get some 50cc scooters, and pacers for those must have at least a car license (C), and a CA membership. In the short term we are likely to have access to motorbikes, which will require pacers to hold a motorbike (R or D-Date) license and a CA license. Pacers can also use their own bike or scooter.  We will provide training for new pacers. If you like the idea of riding the velodrome without having to pedal, here's your chance!  Email to express your interest. 

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