If you have a spare 5 minutes, the Committee and Volunteers would appreciate you making sure all your membership details are updated and accurate. This makes it a lot easier to upload race information into the timing system and ensure we can communicate more effectively with you, our valued members.

Cycling Australia Membership Details

As you will be aware, Cycling Australia has updated its memership platform from Sports TG to a new system - TidyHQ.  While there have been some teething problems, it appears that data updates have now occurred. To make sure that relevant data has been transferred properly, can you please log into your account and check your details.  (Members can create their account with TidyHQ by visiting https://cycling.tidyhq.com/ )

Along with your name, address, phone number and membership details, make sure that your emergency contact details are also included.

Commissaires - you should see fields of:  Working with Children Check Number and Working with Children Check Expiry, Commissaire Accreditation Level and Commissaire Accreditation Expiry

Coaches - you should see fields of: Working with Children Check Number, Working with Children Check Expiry, First Aid Expiry, Coach Accreditation Level and Coach Accreditation Expiry

If any of these fields are not visible, or are blank, please email details (and copies of relevant certificates) to Cycling Australia at:  [email protected] to ensure your profile is accurate.

MTBA Membership Details

There has been no change to the MTBA system, but if you have a couple of minutes, log in at https://online.mtba.asn.au/ and select Edit My Details - check that your email address etc are up to date.  Scroll down and you can opt in and out of emails via the MTBA Subscriptions area, and update or remove your payment info below.  Commissaire and Coaching accreditations should also be noted.

Entry Boss

Log into Entry Boss https://entryboss.cc/account and check your email address and mobile number.  The email address noted in EntryBoss is the one where we send Race Information to competitors ahead of each event, so make sure it's an address that you can access on the weekend.  Entry Boss now cross checks Cycling Australia membership information as you register for an event, so make sure you update your membership number and category under the Cycling Australia licence.  You can also create a second profile with your MTBA membership information. Make sure it is accurate too.  When entering events, make sure you enter under the correct profile (CA or MTBA) to make things a lot easier when you sign on on the day. If you have any issues with your EntryBoss profile, contact the ever helpful Josh and Colin at [email protected]

Note that Port Adelaide CC only collects information for the purposes of communication to members and race entrants (including past entrants to races). We undertand the importance of confidentiality and maintaining the privacy and security of your information. Access to your Personal Information is restricted to those who need it and is not onsold or disclosed for marketing or other purposes.  We may disclose personal information to a third party when required or authorised by law.

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