Port Adelaide Cycling Club is proud to announce it is now one of three South Australian Cycling Clubs to be awarded 'StarClub' accreditation from the South Australian Office of Recreation, Sport and Racing.

With this accreditation, PACC, along with South Coast Cycling Club and Scotch College Cycling Club, are officially recognised as a well-run club where quality coaches and officials work alongside valued volunteers in a safe and welcoming environment.

StarClub Field Officer Jeff Dry reported he was impressed with how PACC presented. "It clearly demonstrates the good position the club is in, and the passion of the committee and its volunteers." This accreditation is testament to the years of hard work of the Committee to put robust procedures and practices in place to ensure the Club's ongoing sustainability, viability and to ensure it can deliver quality and engaging cycling experiences to its members and the cycling community in general.

The criteria to achieve StarClub status includes the following:

  1. Well Managed – ensuring that appropriate policies and procedures are in place, that the Constitution is reviewed, Strategic Planning and ensuring succession planning for your Committee for continued effective management of the Club.
  2. Coaches and Officials – recognising the effort of coaches, officials, providing opportunities for accreditation and ensuring that their accreditation remains valid.
  3. Volunteers valued – recognising effort of volunteers, providing training and development of event volunteers to assist with sustainable, consistently well run events.
  4. Positive and Welcoming – with a focus on diversity and being able to welcome those new to the sport and those who may experience barriers to participation.
  5. Safe for all – providing a child safe environment, and a physically safe environment to train and race.

Thank you to the Committee and Sub-Committee volunteers who have assisted the Club in achieving this special accreditation. We look forward to proudly displaying our StarClub status banner at Hanson Reserve when we resume training and racing in the near future.

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