The Stage is set! Get to the City of Adelaide Tour Village Friday night 6:30pm for Roller Frenzy XII!

Pirate Life Brewing are bringing the party for all competitors brave enough to roll on stage! Everyone else will have to visit the Pirate Life bar at the venue. The Santos Tour Down Under organisation has promised we won't run out of beer this year (third time lucky!?). Podium beers will be the refreshing AF AÇAÍ & PASSIONFRUIT SOUR

Bevan from Out Of The Saddle Pink Carat Jewellery will provide beautiful bespoke pieces for Fastest Man, Fastest Woman and the overall Roller Frenzy XII winner, as well as vouchers for 2nd and 3rd! 

The crowd will judge the cash for "best dressed"

Roller Frenzy Start List:

  • Farhan AL FARIZI, Gents, Norwood CC
  • Michael BAILS, Gents, Kilkenny CC
  • Lise BENJAMIN, Ladies, Bicisport
  • Dean BOTTRILL, Gents, Port Adelaide CC
  • Aaron BROWN, Gents, Port Adelaide CC
  • Georgia DIXON, Ladies, Port Adelaide CC
  • Mark GREGORY, Gents, Port Adelaide CC
  • Shelby JOHNSON, Ladies, South Coast CC
  • Paul KING, Gents, Central Districts CC
  • Tessa MANNING, Ladies, Port Adelaide CC
  • Heather MAY, Ladies, South Coast CC
  • Jessica MCCLELLAND, Ladies, Hawthorn Cycling Club
  • Courtney MCGOWAN, Ladies, University of Queensland CC
  • David MILLER, Gents, Port Adelaide CC
  • Natalie REDMOND, Ladies, Port Adelaide CC
  • Peter SCAIFE, Gents, Adelaide University Cycling Club
  • Adrian SCOTT, Gents, Port Adelaide CC
  • Emma SEELIGER, Ladies, Kilkenny CC
  • Jacobus VAN HOOF, Gents, Port Adelaide CC
  • Josiah WHITTAKER, Gents, Adelaide University Cycling Club
  • Michael YOUNG, Gents, Port Adelaide CC
  • Alejandro Mendoza Rodriquez “Pila”, Gents, Astana
  • Oscar Lopez, Gents, Agolico BMC
  • Alex Longhi, Gents, Alé
  • Arne Kenzler “Arne-mal”, Gents, Canyon//SRAM
  • Maurizio Da Rin Zanco “Maury”, Gents, BePink
  • Silvia Zanardi “Zana”, Ladies, BePink
  • Melissa Van Eyck “Meli”, Ladies, BePink
  • Adrian Hedderman “Hedders”, Gents, Tibco Silicon Valley Bank
  • Rachel Heal/Hedderman, Ladies, Tibco Silicon Valley Bank
  • Sarah Gigante, Ladies, Tibco Silicon Valley Bank
  • Janelle Crooks, Ladies, Tibco Silicon Valley Bank
  • Sharlotte Lucas, Ladies, Tibco Silicon Valley Bank
  • Erica Clevenger, Ladies, Tibco Silicon Valley Bank
  • Lauren Stephens, Ladies, Tibco Silicon Valley Bank
  • Nina Kessler, Ladies, Tibco Silicon Valley Bank
  • Phoebe the Swanny, Ladies, Tibco Silicon Valley Bank
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