Round 4

Today saw the last of the 2018-19 Zero Frictiion Cycling Time Trials at the windless (yes, that's what the BOM says) Outer Harbor. It was a dark start, but the weather couldn't have been more perfect. Regular participants were joined by 25 athletes taking part of the Invictus Cycling Pathways program being held this weekend, so the field was at capacity.

After the Juniors departed from the turnaround point, Recumbent / Hand Cyclists started the full course with Uprights following.  While course records weren't under threat, the race was on for the Age Adjusted series prizes. 

Results for Round 4 are available here

Series Results

UPDATE - Due to a formula error, the age adjusted results previously published were incorrect.  The update has not changed the Top 5 Men, but has escalated Nichola Wilson to third place in the Women's Series Standings.  The resulting update also means changes to minor placings - sheep stations / dishwashing duties may be different to what was previously published. Apologies for the error, and thanks to the excel nerd who picked up the error!

The top 5 male and female riders all win a Molten Speed Wax treated YBN SLA Gold chain worth $99.80. According to Adam, its a very very fast chain, the MSW treatment will be ultra low friction for around 300km so makes for a great race day chain, and after that they have numerous options for keeping as a great performing chain as the YBN SLA chains are up there as the fastest and longest lasting on the market.

Check out Zero Friction Cycling for great information regarding either moving to waxing with Molten Speed Wax, or information on the top lubricants tested to date if they are unsure if waxing is for you – either way ZFC website has lots of great information to save both watts as well as drive train wear rates and running costs. It just so happens that poorer performing lubricants – the extra friction they have vs the top lubricants goes into wearing out their drive train components faster – so running one of the top lubricant choices is win win, save watts and lots of $ in drive train running costs.

A bit of data wrangling, and we have the Series Results:

Men:  Uwe Lovato (last year's runner up) took the series, followed by Craig Northam, Mat Franks, Karl Evans and Darren Webb

Women: Jill Seaman was best of the women for the second year running, followed by Vicki-Lynne Birks, Margaret Boylan and then the young guns Katarina Chung-Orr and Olivia Wheeler.

Full results are available here

Winners will be contacted shortly with informatin on collecting your prize.

Thank you

Thanks to Adam Kerin of Zero Friction for your ongoing support and Phil Davill for your excel prowess.

Paula and Mark wish to thank Jo Dettloff, Will Lyons, Peter Davis, David Birks for your help this season.  We can't do it without you and appreciate the early morning starts. (and the coffee).  We'd also like to thank the parents of junior riders who assisted us at the second starting point. 

Weather Observations at Outer Harbor 7:30am:

Rainfall - 0
Temperature - 14.4 (feels like 13.9)Wind Speed - 0 km/h (yep - that's what the BOM says!)
Relative Humidity - 64%
Barometric Pressure - 1016.8

Photo:  Mark Reidy captures the concentration of Invictus Pathway Cyclists and PACCers at the start line

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