Last night the final round of Seight Sports Sprint Wars was run at the Adelaide Superdrome. With the Superdrome closing for a few months, it was a final opportunity for riders to get some valuable track time and there was nearly a full field of 32 riders lining up for their flying 200m qualifying, with some U17 riders boosting the Elite entries.

Fastest qualifier Simon Eglinton backed up the number one position with a clean win against David Miller in the A-grade grouping. In the B-grade grouping, Mick Young used his bigger gearing to best advantage against Leo Zimmerman on his U17 gearing to win yet another pair of Sprint Wars socks. Rumour has it, there is a shrine in his house dedicated to the Sprint Wars socks. The C-grade group had a good mix of experienced and new riders, (including a guy who rocked up for the usual Friday novice night that was convinced to buy a license on the spot and race!) and the qualifying times were closely grouped making for some good Match Sprinting. In the final it was PACC’s Andrew Welch, a long-time supporter of Sprint Wars that won out over Sprint Wars debutant Ashley Kearvell. (Apologies to Max Frost who should’ve been in the final – Sprint Wars socks coming your way). There was only 1/10th separating the two finalists in the D-grade group, with Alex ‘Alphabet’ Gwiazdsinski proving too experienced for recently crowned Masters State Sprint Champion Simone Niejalke.

Well done to all the U17 riders that battled away against the bigger geared Open riders and a special mention to PACC’s Sophie Ashley for being the fastest female qualifier. We’ll publish results a bit later and look out for Tim Lofts photos of the event. Richard Morton has posted many (11!) albums here. Thank you to all the riders for racing, officials and volunteers for making it happen. That’s it for Sprint Wars this season, although we may run a sneaky one-off edition at Hanson Reserve once it’s up and running – keep your eyes peeled for further information.
Cover photo c/ Richard Morton - that tricky moment when both riders question whether they won! (PACC Michael Young had, and was well on his way to more socks)

Qual Race # Name F200 Time
1 51 Simon Eglinton 11.130
2 52 Ashley Muir 11.210
3 53 David Miller 11.420
4 55 Joel McWhinney 11.660
5 54 Dan Drake 11.930
6 57 David Radzikiewicz 12.150
7 56 Jacob Koop 12.220
8 60 Maxwell Liebeknecht 12.310
9 58 Jack Gibbins 12.350
10 63 Leo Zimmermann 12.560
11 59 Geof Boylan-Marsland 12.650
12 61 Sophie Ashley 12.720
13 64 Michael Young 12.750
14 68 Paul King 12.780
15 66 Emma Seeliger 12.890
16 75 Matthew Schmidtke 13.060
17 70 Max Frost 13.070
18 71 Wayne Hogben 13.280
19 74 Ashley Kearvell 13.380
20 69 Andrew Welch 13.440
21 81 Conrad Gittins 13.470
22 62 Shelby Johnson 13.490
23 72 Jacqueline Voltz 13.660
24 79 Alexander Hill 13.690
25 65 Alexander Gwiazdzinski 13.840
26 78 Willis Lienert 13.870
27 80 Kerran Oates 13.930
29 77 Simone Niejalke 13.970
30 76 Gemma Kernich 14.220
31 73 Paul Fountas 14.340
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