Gritty City Critty was litty!

Weather was a bit sh!tty with persistent spitty.

Irrespective of the non-arrival of Summer, fun was had across two junior and 7 senior grades.  For those new to PACC's racing - Welcome! We hope you had fun. Please come back next week. That timing tag you were allocated means you're treated to live race lap timing.  Please bring the same tag to all our club races, whether you're testing out your legs at our summer Zero Friction Time Trials or racing next week's Gritty City Critty or our Xmas Xross - the tag is linked to you permanently.

Photos from the evening are available from James Raison @rideadelaide 

You can find this week's race results here: 

Enter the remaing races of the year at  - we're back at the save venue next week with a few tweaks to the course ;)

Some Junior Stoke to tide you over till next week!

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