Skid city! It started out as a pretty fine day with maximum grip on most of the course, but during the tail end of the B-Grade mens race, conditions turned 'epic' with a 2mm dumping of rain falling within about a 15min period.

The poorly-draining park with highly compacted soil had standing water on some of the course, and the dirt-depot area quickly because a mud bog, with 'clay mountain' becoming spectacularly slippery. As seems customary, the women's race had the worst of the conditions, and A-grade men enjoyed the slipperiest course we've had in a long while!

Enjoy your race results in two different, yet equally nerdy formats: 

For PACC's Crossmgr results - click here (includes race animations and charts, tag timing to 100th of a second and multiple languages)

For results - click here (and create a login to 'rate that race', check out who's your nemesis across your racing career, and more!)

Thanks to the team of officials and volunteers who help put up (in the drizzle) and packed down the course and do all the jobs that make the day run so smoothly. Thanks to the City of Adelaide for the use of the park.

And of course, thanks to series sponsors Focus Bikes Australia and CrossFit East Adelaide, volunteer sponsors Zero Fiction Cycling and Schwalbe, and club sponsors Scammell and Co, Seafaring Fools, and Seight Sports for your ongoing support.

Crossfire Cup Series results will be finalised this week!

Photos: Cover Pic - It was the weather for ducks for the last two races - Jack and the duck and some mud.

Main Pic - The sprint for the finish of A-Grade Men with Max Hardy besting Matt Bird. pics c/- Russel Christie-Taylor @russ_08

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