What a fantastic way to spend Easter Saturday!  Cross Hot Cross was a fantastic family friendly event with over 70 riders from 5 - 62 years old competing in unusually hot conditions.

Sprinklers were on to give the Little Crossers and Juniors a bit of relief from the heat in the early races then by the end of the day, there were sock deep mud patches forming to challenge the riders.

Little Crossers were up first with an enthusiastic group all on pedal bikes completing three laps of the modified course with Coach Lee-Anne making sure they all made it around safely.  Junior B was made up of some seasoned Crossers along with a number of new riders who completed a full lap of the course. William Brown pipped Inneke Beggs at the finish line in Junior A.

Melanie Hayes took out the B Grade Women, and Gretchen Willis C Grade.  We think this may have been their last race in these categories! 

Our fastest growing field - Under 17 Men continue to push the limits, with Nathan Crick prevailing over Jacob Currie. These young guns started a minute after the C Grade men, and all of them managed to make up that gap (Nathan was the first over the line and Jacob Currie third). The mud was setting in and C Grade men were slowing towards the end but Ryan Kirby was able to stay ahead of Rob Greenwood to get the chocolates - literally.

Final race of the day was A Grade Women (Gemma Kernich being the lone rider), B Grade men and A Grade men.  With only Phil Dixon and Rohan Wight in A Grade men, we set them a challenge.  They started  a lap down on the B Grade Men and then they had to chase.  It nearly worked with Rohan Wight finishing only 10 seconds behind the third placed B grade rider.  One lap more and he would have caught them!

Full results are available here:

PACC CrossMgr format:  http://results.pacc.org.au/2021/CrossHotCross/

CrossResults.com format: https://www.crossresults.com/race/10184 

Thanks to Rob for keeping the coffees going, and Jenny from Trott Park Fencing club for the barbecue delights.  Thanks also to the volunteers who packed down the course in record time, gardeners Gemma and David for creating a great water feature, and officials for making the day run smoothly.

Check out some great photos in the links below - don't forget to give the photographer credit when using their images. If you have a public album you can share it with the world at crossresults.com

Carl's Facebook Album - https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=carl.purczel&set=a.10157951760330978 

Amanda the Sprinkler Wizard's Facebook Album - https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=amanda.jane.00&set=a.10159227470371952 

Photo Credit:  Carl Purczel

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