After the club's success in Series 1, PACC invites members who use Zwift to join our team for Series 2 of the AusCycling Club National E-Sport Series!

The six events are open to AusCycling club members in the under-15 age category or above. Top 30 finishers will be able to score points for PACC across A, B, C and D grade in both men's and women's categories.*

Performances in A Grade may also be considered as part of AusCycling’s selection criteria for the UCI Cycling Esports World Championships!

Please read the E-Sport Technical Regulations before considering to enter the series - there are equipment and weigh-in requirements to be adhered to in order for results to be eligible.

More information about entering and the series is available on the AusCycling Club National E-Sport webpage.

Please action the following steps to get involved;

  1. All riders MUST be registered to ZwiftPower (Register here) and sync Zwift account with ZwiftPower (How to)
  2. Join the PACC Zwift team here on ZwiftPower
  3. PACC will be racing in the Northhamptom jersey- Press P when in the game and use promo code NCCMAKIT to add this to your wardrobe
  4. Let us know your AusCycling member number, email and grade you are planning to race via this rider registration form so that your result scores points for PACC.
  5. Select your grade and race on the Zwift events calendar*

Any questions please contact the PACC Committee via email - [email protected] 


6:00pm ACST Wednesday 15th September  Crit City / Bell Lap (12 laps - Crit)

6:00pm ACST Wednesday 22nd September  New York  / Knickerbocker (1 lap - Hilly)

6:00pm ACST Wednesday 29th September   Yumezi / Chain Chomper (2 laps - Gravel)

6:00pm ACDT Wednesday 6th October          Watopia / Watopia's Waistband (1 lap - Flat)

6:00pm ACDT Wednesday 13th October        Watopia / Serpentine 8 (1 lap - MTB)

6:00pm ACDT Wednesday 20th October        Paris / Champs-Élysées (3 laps - Kermesse)

*Grades are based on your FTP watts per kilo–that is, your FTP in watts, divided by your weight in kilograms. (Example: if your FTP is 300 watts and you weigh 75kg, your FTP w/kg would be 300/75, or 4 w/kg.) Your FTP is your maximum 20-minute average power, and is based on your best three Zwift races within the last 90 days. 

The grades for this series are as follows:

  • A Grade: 4.0W/kg or higher
  • B Grade: 3.2W/kg - 3.9W/kg
  • C Grade: 2.5W/kg - 3.1W/kg
  • D Grade: 1W/kg - 2.49W/kg

Please note: if you ride above the max w/kg in your grade for too long, you risk being disqualified and won't be eligible for points in that round. You will have to ride up a grade to avoid this in future rounds.

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