Over two days last weekend a small army descended upon the Hanson Reserve Clubrooms to scrape, wash, repair, tidy, patch, scrub, sand, unclog and paint. From top to bottom volunteers from Port Adelaide CC and Kilkenny CC (plus friends) gave the old clubrooms a 'makeover'. The dreary depressing brown dusty interior has been replaced with a welcoming white and with a little more work will turn into a very welcoming and comfortable space. The outside now has functional gutters and with a change in colour the clubhouse certainly has more street appeal.

Special thanks to some PACC members for going above and beyond in the last week.  Kayla McSporran from Fruitful Homes for planning the 'new look' rooms, obtaining materials and paint and being there over many days to answer all the renovation questions people had!  Tim Loft has also spent most of the last week at the club rooms, and has undertaken some mammoth tasks, including removing all the old (glued down) carpet and doing odd jobs and repairs, as well as being there to receive materials. Adi Scott (tiler) volunteered to tile and repair the showers, and will finish that off with grout this week. Thanks to Brad Crawford (electrician) who figured it was easier for him to provide and install new ceiling fans himself than have volunteers try to clean old ones.

Tim Loft has also been documenting the voluteer effort, as well as Council's contractor's updates to the track. Check out his photo album here. The fence posts started to go up today.

Want to be able to help? Tim will be heading back out to the club rooms Tuesday 19th Feb afternoon for a couple of hours after lunch. Then Thursday 21st OFFICIAL WORKING BEE (1pm-9pm, drop in when you can!), followed by Sunday 24th late morning and afternoon. 
If you are able to cut in or know how to roll come and give him a hand with doing some finishing off and touching up. 
They is also some work that can be done outside, but you will need to bring your own garden tools. 

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