A ripper start to the summer of Dirt @ Dusk in Reservoir Park!

Set up was completed in under an hour with all the 4pm volunteers' names in the hat with a chance to win the four random drawn "Invaluable" prizes from our friends at The Cycle Closet. Congratuations to the lucky winners who will enjoy spending their vouchers in store!

Despite the warm conditions and the slightly smaller than usual field, the 45min course practice time was busy with many riders taking the opportunity to learn the short but suprisingly tricky 1.1km course.  The mixed surfaces of bitumen, gravel, hardpack dirt, loose sandy mulch and slick dry 'hay' grass were challenging enough for many with some people choosing to run some sections. 

Each event's entrants also had the opportunity for a sighting lap prior to their race as the course got dustier, and the sun got lower making visibility also a challenge.

Preliminary Results in PACC CrossMgr Format here

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