The third annual PACC Volunteer of the Year award was presented at the 2021 AGM recently to former PACC President, Gemma Kernich!

PACC wouldn't be the amazing club it is today without our most valuable and dedicated volunteers.

The Committee was very pleased to receive the nomination for Gemma and have this opportunity to acknowledge her as one very special club member who had gone 'above and beyond' when it came to volunteering for the club.

Gemma needs no introduction as she is a highly respected member of the Australian cycling community, and it's no surprise she got invited to be an AusCycling Board member last year. Gemma has spent countless hours of her time helping coach, motopace training sessions at Hanson, getting Hanson resurfaced, organising CX events, advocating women’s cycling.  She is at all our club events and there is an huge amount of work she does behind the scenes.

Thank you Kerno / Boss Lady / CX Bro / Gemma !

Photos thanks to 2019 Volunteer of the Year - Tim Loft.

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