Due to the growing COVID-19 crisis worldwide, and acting upon advice from State and Federal Governments, and our State and National Sporting Organisations Cycling SA, Cycling Australia and Mountain Bike Australia, the Port Adelaide Cycling Club is cancelling all upcoming races and coached training sessions for the immediate future, pending further advice.

This involves the immediate cancellation of the following events and training sessions:

  • Focus Dark Cross - Blind Date Racing (24th March - Hanson Reserve) - all entrants will be refunded 
  • Weekly Tuesday night's General Track Sessions (Hanson Reserve)
  • Weekly Thursday night's Moto Pace Madness (Hanson Reserve)
  • Giant Adelaide Junior Dirt Skills session (5th April - O'Halloran Hill in conjunction with Adelaide Mountain Bike Club)
  • Invictus Games Training Camp (5th April, in conjunction with the Invictus Games Foundation)
  • Easter Track Carnival (13th April - Hanson Reserve)
  • Cyclo-Cross Skills session (26th April, Adelaide)
  • Cyclo-Cross National Cup  - Tier 3 MTBA Event (10 May, Port Adelaide)

While our ability to hold events and coach groups of people is restricted, we still encourage our members and their families to keep regularly riding their bikes where possible in a safe and responsible way for both mental and physical wellbeing. Cycling is a great form of transport that allows you to get fresh air, avoid traffic and crowds and get some sunshine!

If you are riding with friends and club mates, we encourage you to follow good hygiene practices while maintaining social distancing.  If you're meeting up with others to ride in a group, please split up to keep groups to 10 people or less. Adhere to the recommended social distancing guidelines maintaining a safe distance (1.5m suggested) both while moving or stopped to minimise potential transmission and provide reassurance to others by respecting their space. Remember if riding two abreast on a road, 1.5m is the maximum distance riders can be apart.  Use a tissue, don't do 'snot rockets' / 'bushman's blows' / 'hock a loogie' and wash your hands. Avoid touching other people's bikes and cycling equipment, and if you're stopping somewhere keep your helmet and gloves etc on your bike rather than placing them on a table or taking into a shop.

In the meantime, please look after each other. For many of our members cycling is an important part of their social lives, and restrictions on our club's activities many mean people are socially isolated in unexpected ways.  Even if you can't catch up for a ride, perhaps reach out in other ways to check on other people's wellbeing.

Please also consider our club and event sponsors whose businesses will also be affected in unexpected ways, and support them how you can. 

We'll provide further advice on our activities when we are able. Stay safe.

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