The AusCycling National Esports Series is running again for 2022 and everyone is welcome to join the PACC team for the event. There are no limits to the number of riders for a club in all grades. So the more riders, the more points that we can score for the club!

To be part of the team just email the club esports coordinators at [email protected] and provide the following registration details:

  • Name
  • AusCycling Member Number
  • Zwift Category (A,B,C,D)
  • Zwift Power Profile Link
  • Mobile Phone Number

* Mobile phone numbers will be required for AusCycling to perform the required checks for place getters.

Round Details

Round 1  6.30pm AEST Thursday 20 April                          France | R.G.V | 1 lap
Round 2  6.30pm AEST Thursday 28 April                          Makuri Islands | Wandering Flats | 1 lap
Round 3  6.30pm AEST Thursday 5 May                            Watopia | Legends and Lava | 1 lap
Round 4  6.30pm AEST Thursday 12 May                          Watopia | Beach Island Loop | 2 laps
Round 5  6.30pm AEST Thursday 19 May                          Bologna | TT Lap | 24km’s (1.5 laps)
Round 6  6.30pm AEST Thursday 26 May                          Makuri Islands | Electric Loop | 3 laps

Full event details are on the AusCycling esports page.

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