Cycling Australia has updated its membership platform (from Sports TG to TidyHQ) and significant progress has been made in the last few days on transferring of data.  We are excited about the enhancements that have been offered immediately and new features to be rolled out in the coming months.  These should help us with better communication to members, and make things a little easier for our volunteers.  

Some of the links on the CA membership pages have yet to be updated, so if you are yet to renew, please use the links from our Join Us page. 

Some of the the new features on offer include:

  • Annual membership from anniversary date - so if you renew on 20 January 2019, your membership will be valid until 19 January 2020. 
  • Monthly payment options - you can elect to pay for the full year up front, or spread payments over 12 months. There’s a slightly higher price for this option did to administration fees, but a great option for some.
  • Integration with EntryBoss - details are still being worked on, but this will greatly help our volunteers at sign on as membership will need to be established before you can enter a race.  

If you have renewed you membership in the old system recently, that’s ok. Details will be transferred to the new system in due course. 

At this stage, this platform is for management of Cycling Australia memberships only, but the club will not forget out our MTBA members and will ensure any process improvements we are able to make are available to everyone.

Members can create their account with TidyHQ by visiting 

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