Thu, Jan 21, 07:00 PM
North Adelaide

The thirteenth edition of Port Adelaide CC's ROLLER FRENZY presented by Pirate Life. 

An official event in the Festival of Cycling.

Adelaide will come alive with Port Adelaide CC’s Roller Frenzy’s 13th edition! Come and watch 32 riders go head-to-head in frenetic roller racing. Join in with your best heckle and cheer on your favourites – will the locals beat the pros?

Enjoy a drink and some dinner while lapping up the action. Two or four sets of rollers are connected to a dial. As the rollers are driven, the dial rotates – simulating a 500m lap on the track.

Head-to-head handicapped races and time trial events test everyone’s abilities and provide a great backdrop to a social night out with a bunch of bicycle nuts. Being a handicap - everyone has a chance to win! The final will thrill everyone from every age as riders push themselves to the limit to win.

Spectator entry is free. Want to be a frenzied rollerer? Rider limit is 32 riders! 



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