Sat, Jun 13, 09:00 AM
Port Adelaide

Bare Bones Cyclo-Cross

A hacked-back return to skeleton racing in the Covid-19 Era

Saturday 13 June 2020

To get ready for your return to racing and before you enter the event ensure you have the following things:

  • PACC CX race number
  • PACC timing tag
  • Your in-date competition license 

If can't find those things you're going to have to fess up before race day, and but a new tag and/or race number when you enter. If you're new to our racing, no worries you will get a tag and race number with your entry, but you will need to get a competition membership before entering. Membership info here.

Riders will have to read this.

Parents/Carers will have to read this.

Wash your hands

We encourage you to download the CovidSafe app


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