Sun, Feb 17, 08:30 AM
Hanson Reserve Velodrome Clubrooms

PACC and KCC are proud to announce that that clubs rooms at Hanson Reserve are jointly ours! In a historic agreement between the two clubs, we are leasing the facility directly from the City of Port Adelaide Enfield. And we're excited to have a place we can jointly call 'home', tying in with the restoration of the Hanson Reserve Velodrome for community use.

Please help us bring the club rooms into the 21st Century and be fit for purpose. Doesn't really matter whether you like cleaning, painting, wrecking or organising, we have got a job for you!

General Jobs:
- Ripping up carpet
- Throwing out 'things'
- Repairing taps, cleaning bathrooms
- Cleaning windows, washing and prepping walls
- Repairing fascias and gutters
- Painting everything, indoors and out.

We will put lunch on every day to feed the busy bees. Can YOU help? Please rock up from 8:30am - lunch, bring your own tools if you have some, otherwise use ours - any help greatly appreciated!

For updates and some photos see the Facebook Event here.

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